Hey friend,
I have a confession. I am obsessed with love letters. I received my first love letter in 3rd grade from Naquan Thomas and it was sweet and simple —

Kishshana you are so pretty. I think you’re pretty great


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The business of each of our organizations can sometimes make us shy away from being active in sorority life. But sisterhood…. sisterhood is enduring. When we strip away those “business” experiences, we often realize that it goes beyond business. It goes beyond positions we might hold. It goes beyond what happened in our undergraduate days or even at chapter meetings. For many of us, your relationship with your line sister, “sands”, “special”, “ship” or soror has shaped you and your ideas about what it means to be a woman. It is the foundation of lasting relationships between women bonded by oath and ritual. Those bonds stand the test of time – through joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain.

I am inviting you to write a love letter to your Soror. It is an invitation to tell a Soror — your sister — what she means to you. This is your opportunity to share your story of what sisterhood, through the eyes of membership in a sorority, means to you. This is your chance to put pen to paper and share how sisterhood has helped you grow, heal and love.

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